Saturday, October 11, 2008

Update on my sicky boy,

Well I thought my little man was feeling better yesterday, so we loaded everyone up to go to Walmart. We got there and got out of the van. Started walking through the parking lot towards the door and he started throwing up everywhere! Lovely.....Thank goodness we wernt in the store yet. So we loaded everyone up back into the van and went back home,,,major bummer!!! Emma was not happy, she didn't want to go back in her car seat so she screamed! Today he seems better but I'm not gonna chance it. We will just stay home and hopefully get some outside chores done that we have been putting off. I really hope he is better because we were supposed to go pick apples this weekend, maybe it will work out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope that was the worst of it. I hope he gets feeling better soon!


Jaime said...

Poor thing! Being sick stinks. I'm praying for him.

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