Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you know what this is????

I have been a busy girl today! Do ya know what this is????? Apple butter! Yay..first ever made. I put everything in the crock pot last night and then canned it this morning. Then I went on to the juice that I got from the apple peels and TRIED to make apple jelly... stress the word tried...I'm very sad. I don't think its going to turn out. The first time I did it this morning it was so runny. and I read that you could try again with another package of pectin, so I tried and guess what it is still looking pretty runny:( It is pretty in the jars but when you pick up the jar its just like water... I know what happened, I was stupid. I was working away at everything this morning and I had my juice and pectin working on the stove waiting for it to boil, I looked at my water bath canner and was worried I wouldn't have enough water so I went and filled up a container with water to add to the canner...well my brain had a lapse or something and I poured the water into the apple juice~~~~~VERY BAD!!!!~~~~I knew immediately what I had done,,, so you know what I did,,,I didnt know what to do so I just scooped out some of the liquid from the apple pot,,,now I know that there was pectin in it and I don't know exactly how much I poured in or how much I scooped out....I was freaking out here guys...I panicked! So I just thought well maybe it will still turn out and kept on going,,,,and as I already said it didn't work....then I saw you can try again if it doesn't set so I tried again, but I'm thinking its not gonna work either....So while it looks beautiful in the jar, I'm not sure if I could do anything with it. Here is the apple jelly one the left and the apple butter on the right... The apple butter is very yummy by the way, it turned out great.
So here is the question I post to anyone who might know... can I do anything with the not turned out right apple jelly? Is it okay if I use it as like apple syrup or something? Any help would be appreciated. thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,
In about an hour I get to take Emma to the doctor for her 9 month checkup.. I will let you know how it goes, she has a little cold right now, so I'm glad he can check that while we are there too.


Tereza said...

What exactly is apple butter and how do you use it? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Apple butter is like spiced applesauce. You put it on toast or biscuits. It is soooo good! If you see some in the store get some! :)

I don't see why you can't keep the apple syrup. :) Open it up in a week or so and try some on some pancakes or ice cream. It should be fine.

I took my littlest one to the doctor for her 18 mo. check up today. All I can say poor baby. I hate shots. I hope she gets well soon.


Jaime said...

I agree with Shannon. Keep the apple syrup! It might just be one of those "good" mistakes!

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