Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I've been getting a lot accomplished these past couple of days. I am really trying to simplify my life and make things run smoother around here, the better things go the less stress for all of us right? Anyways yesterday I cooked up some biscuits and made some sausage patties. Then I assembled up some sausage and cheese biscuits! Instead of eating them I froze them for an easy breakfast or snack for anyone to have. It was really quiet simple and really economical because in the store I believe they are quiet expensive to buy, even more so at Mc Donalds or wherever. I got the biscuits on sale for 98cents, the cheese I used I got for 98cents, they were have a really good sale at Marsh. The sausage I already had in my freezer from when my parents gave us half a hog, so all together it was less than 10 cents a sandwich. Not to bad if I say so myself. I have 3 more rolls of those biscuits in my fridge that I will probably do the same with. I told hubby about it and he thought it was pretty awesome:)
I also cleaned and organized my laundry room a little yesterday. It was in desperate need of that so that was a big accomplishment!
When the kids got home we carved pumpkins, that was fun. Today I roasted the seeds from the pumpkins. I had never did that before so that was cool, easy to. The hardest part was getting all the nasty pumpkin guts off the seeds and cleaning them.

Here are the pumpkins that the kids carved. Emma didn't carve hers obviously but the older kids did theirs all by themselves. Normally Bennie or I help trace out the shapes or something but not this year. They are getting so big and grown up:)

Here is little Emma in her pumpkin outfit today. Notice the matching orange binky,,,so sweet:) Tonight for trick or treating she is going to be a chicken....i cant wait. I will take pictures and post them for y'all.

Here is a couple of Jess and Gary getting all the gooey gunk out of their pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

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Tereza said...

That's what we were doing today too!!

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