Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad week :(

I have had kinda a bad week. That's my explanation for lack of posts. I feel like I whine and complain on here to much already, but then I was thinking, and the reason I started this blog was really just to get my feelings out. So anyone reading this I'm sorry for the down mood.
First off my kids and the kids I babysit for have been sick. I haven't felt the greatest either but I wouldn't really say I'm sick. Second my husband got switched to third shift. I think that's my main problem. It wasn't his fault and there is nothing that can be done about it so I need to just get over it but it makes me sad to not have him here at night and to have to try to keep the kids quiet through the day when they arnt used to that. He used to be on thirds a long time ago and we had sooo many problems. I think that's what I'm afraid of. I don't want it to go back to the way it was. But he is different now so I need to just keep hoping for the best.
i need to be thankful, because the reason he had to go to night shift was because they fired the 3rd shift boss, So he is more or less replacing him. At least he has a job right?.

And now I find out that he has to work tonight, actually he has to go in a 6pm then work til 6:30am, then he will need to be at school for his college class at 9am til 11:45am Sat. morning., hopefully he can stay awake for class. We are supposed to go out Sat. night for our anniversary, its only been planned FOREVER! He is gonna be exhausted though. Hopefully he can come home from class and sleep for a few hours then wake up and be in a good mood to go out. We will see. The thing is none of this is his fault, so I cant be mad at him. Its just the whole situation that gets me down..

My weight loss this week was non-existent. i know it was due to the fact that I was sad and lonely and did a little emotional eating. Totally my fault and I need to stop it!!!

Hopefully I can get out of this funk and have a better week next week. I know there is some saying,,, I cant remember how it goes exactly, something about change what you can, accept what you cant. Darn it, I cant remember it. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a bad week. That happens.

Something that helps. Get out a sheet of paper. Two columns. One side list the bads the other the goods. You will see that the goods out weigh the bads in the end.

If that doesn't help there is always Calgon!! "Calgon Take me away!" lol!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill!
Girl, you need to get God in your life. Let me tell ya, this God thing, it's awesome. I mean there will still be trials and hard times, but just the comfort of knowing that all you have to do is ask him for help and you shall receive!! {If it is within his will for you, which God wants you to be happy so keep that in mind.} Also knowing everyday I wake up I know I have a bigger reason to be happy then I do to be sad or depressed, Thats I'm not of this crazy world I am of GOD and I'm Goin' to heaven someday!! Wooohooo!!
Big Smiles.

Jaime said...

Sorry you're having a down week. It is no fun when the babies are sick. Even if the babies aren't so little anymore! The weather is changing as well, which doesn't help either. Making a list of the good and bad things is a great idea. I hope hubby was able to enjoy dinner last night. I'll be praying that he's able to get back on days soon.

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