Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some things I am thankful for

I know its not thanksgiving yet, but sometimes I think its nice to remind ourselves what we are thankful for in our lives. So I am going to list a few:

-my 3 awesome kids. I can not imagine my life without them

-being able to have the 3rd child Emma, we thought we were done having children and then one day decided to try for another-she has blessed my life in more ways than I can list-I can honestly say she changed my soul and the way I do things in life

-my husband for giving me my 3 children

_my husband for providing for my family so I can stay home with my children and be the mother and wife that I always wanted to be.

-my parents for setting a example for me. Its amazing how the way we are raised affects how we turn out in life and how we do things

-the few true friends that I have. I don't see nearly enough of them, but deep down in my heart I think that if I really needed them they would be there.

-the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and the crisp fall air


-living in America!

-snuggling under the covers


I could go on, but those are just a few that came to my mind at the moment. Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Steph said...

Those are such wonderful things to be thankful for! You've lifted me up this morning. Thank you! I love your blog. It's usually the first thing I read in the morning.

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