Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend recap and more

I had the most amazing weekend!  Last Wednesday at about 9pm my husband called me and said he was asked to bowl a state tournament in Richmond (which is about 3 hrs away).  The guy that was supposed to bowl ended up getting sick and hospitalized so he needed a replacement.  It was already paid for so he would just have to pay for a hotel room cause he would need to bowl Saturday morning at 10 and Sunday morning at 8:30am.  He said he really wanted to go and he wanted me to go with him.  At first I was very hesitant because I only had 2 days to find a babysitter for all 3 kids, plus the two older would have a soccer game Sat. morning,, and little Emma has only stayed away over night about 3 times total in her whole 3 in a half years.  He told me not to worry about it and just call my mom cause he really wanted me to go with him.  So the next morning I gave her a call and she said yes!  I booked us a room and told the kids(who were actually very excited). 
We left super early Saturday morning so we could drop the kids off and be there by 9am for check in to the bowling tournament.  The tournament went well and after that we couldnt check in to our hotel til 3 so we found a mall and walked around there for a little while.  Then we checked into our hotel and relaxed for a little while.  There was a Red Lobster right across the street so we ate there for dinner then went back to the hotel and just hung out, enjoyed a few drinks, and had a blast just being with each other alone without the kiddos.  It makes me so happy that after 13 years we can still have so much fun together.  When we are home we do tend to argue more than necessary.  I think its just the pressure of life, kids, work and all that other stuff cause when you get us away and alone we are like 2 kids just having fun.  The next morning we were up bright and early to be there by 8 and he bowled some more.   It totally reminded me of the first few years of our relationship when I used to go and watch him bowl.  It was just plain FUN!   After that ended it was time to head home and pick up the kiddos.  They had a great time at nana's house.  They made their own kites~   Then we had to go to Hacienda at 5:30 for my mom's birthday dinner.  That was a good time too. 

All that eating out did me in though cause somehow over the weekend I managed to gain 7 pounds!!  Makes me so mad, but it also goes to prove eating healthy and at home and not all that over processed junk is the right thing to do!  Hopefully most of the weight is from all the sodium cause I dont think I really gained that much...hope not anyways.    One thing about not eating so much processed stuff is it leaves little room for snacks.  So I'm on a quest to make my own.  Over the next week I have plans to make a homemade goldfish type cracker, granola bars, and mini chocolate chip muffins made from whole wheat flour.    I'm having issues finding a store bought bread that we actually like to, so right now I've got some dough working for me in the bread maker and am hoping this turns out to be a recipe we enjoy and that it can replace our store bought bread.   I'll keep you all informed on how these new recipes turn out!

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