Monday, May 23, 2011

Karaoke and cookout

Another fabulous weekend under our belts!  Saturday morning the kids had a soccer game and both did awesome!  Then later in the day we all went to my youngest sister's house and had a cookout!  Her husband made some yummy rotisserie chicken on the grill and we had mashed potatoes and green beans!  They're neighbor has a basket ball court in their backyard and the kids got to play on that which they really enjoyed.  Then we sang karaoke and had a little campfire,,the kids wanted smores but they're was no graham crackers so they had chocolate marshmallow and chocolate. LOL  a sugary dream. :)  It was really fun to just hang out and visit with them.  We came home with lots of mosquito bites though,,Emma looks like she took a bath in them, her poor little face is covered in bites.
Sunday we were pretty tired so we just hung out at the house.  I ran to my moms real fast to pick up a couple of suitcases since we will be leaving on Friday for Tennessee!!!  I'm so excited to hang out at the cabin and relax.  Gary is really hoping to see a bear since we'll be up in the mountains.   I've got lots to do this week to get ready.  Still need to get that camera card,, I really want to post some pics of my garden.

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