Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Emma's checkup and our weekend

Today was Emmas 3 yr old check up.  My "little" girl weighs 42 pounds and is 42 inches tall.  A pound for every inch. LOL.  She is such a big girl now!  She really doesnt look chubby anymore though because she is so tall.  Shes beautiful and I love her!   We do have some worries about her still not recognizing her colors.  The doctor gave her a eye exam and she didnt do to well.  He told me to continue working with her and call back in 6 months and if she hasnt improved any he will refer her to a pediatric optomologist.   Hopefully it is just her being stubborn and there isnt actually anything wrong with her. 

We had a good Easter weekend.  We went to my sisters Saturday afternoon to celebrate the occasion

 Heres all the troops heading out for the egg hunt

 Do you see the egg?  She doesn't. :)
 And here's Emma checking out all her goodies that were inside her eggs.
We had a nice time. Then Sunday morning we just stayed home and I made a nice big turkey dinner.  It was yummy.  I've been doing lots of going through things and organizing still.  I'm getting quite the collection for a garage sale this summer!

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momto9 said...

nice to see an update from you! Emma is such a cute name:)

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