Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crazy busy day

Oh what a day,,, and its not over yet. :)    This morning I got up as usual knowing I had lots of work to see,,, I'm a bit of a procrastinator and still hadn't packed for our trip that were leaving for tomorrow morning.  Sometimes I think I work better under pressure, plus I knew that its really not that big of a deal to pack,, especially since this vacation is only gonna be for 4 days and our last one was for 14,,,easy peasy.  Anyhow,,, got up, made the coffee, let babysitting kids come in, took a shower, woke up my kids,, all the normal stuff.  When I woke up Gary(the 10 yr old) he got dressed then came out and said he had a rash,,, he lifted his shirt and from his neck to his waist line was covered in a rash,,,so much that his sides were completely red and covered in the bumps and hes chest and back were all dotted up....  OK I said to myself,, my kids seem to get rashes all the time, no biggy,,,but this one did seem pretty bad.  I called my mom at work to see what she thought and to see if she thought I should send him to school, (yes even though I'm 30 years old and have been a mother for 12 years I still call my mommy and ask for advice quiet often,,,usually she's right on, she works in a hospital and had 3 kids of her own).  Anyways I told her he had a rash and what it looked like and she started freaking out,, said do not take him to school and get him to the doc right away!  I guess measles have been going around and what I described to her sounded a lot like those same symptoms.  He's been vaccinated for all that stuff but she said to take him in anyways....  that was the point I started getting really worried.  Our trip we are supposed to go on is non refundable and already paid for and we can not be taking  a kid with the measles through 3 states!!!    Luckily Bennie had decided to stay up and not sleep today so he would be able to sleep tonight and drive tomorrow so he took him in to the doc for me.   My stomach was in knots awaiting the phone call,,,,,,,,   finally he called and said it was not measles and was probably just a allergic reaction to something.  Whew!!!!  They put him on prednizone and told us to give him Zerteck until the rash goes away and he was fine to go back to school and to Tennessee!!! Boy was that good news.  
So the rest of the day I've been packing and cleaning and getting all our readies together.  Going pretty smooth so far.  WE have a soccer game tonight then when we get home will load up the car and we'll be taking off bright and early in the morning.   So I'll be back on Tuesday hopefully with lots of fun pictures.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend. 

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momto9 said...

woah....I bet a thousand thoughts flashed through you head! Glad you still can go and that he is ok:) But what is he allergic to...that is the question!:):)

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