Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting outside,,,finally!

I can not say enough how much I LOVE that we have been able to get outside every morning and afternoon this week!  Its been beautiful outside.  It makes the day seem to go by so much faster, when we get out in the morning the kids seem to go down for nap soooo much easier, and its just plain nice to get the fresh air! 

We went out this morning and I worked some in my side flower bed.  It still needs more work but the  5 year old day care kid kept complaining about being hot!  Hopefully I can get back out there later and finish the job.... I've got a few thing planted in the garden and today I noticed radishes coming up and a couple of green onions popping through! Sooo exciting for me!  We need to get some dirt so I can plant the new addition to the garden we have added this year so I can get some more things planted.   I love the thought of growing our own food. Its so much fun and I know exactly where its coming from.  

Yesterday was my oldest birthday. She turned 12!  We took her out to Pizza Hut for dinner(her request) and I mentioned to the waitress that it was her birthday.  Well as we were finishing up our meal the whole pizza hut crew came over and sang to her and brang her a little cake.. She was so embarrassed, it was funny.  And super nice I thought cause we didnt ask them to sing and they didnt charge us for the cake.   I think she had a good birthday.  She set up her own facebook account, which she has been waiting for 2 years for. LOL,,, of course I have her password and we are friends on there so I can monitor what she is doing.. You just can't be to careful now a days.          I need to go make lunch for the hungry kiddos now, have a great day everyone.

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