Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm still alive

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.  Although there was a point over the past week that I was wishing I had.  I had mentioned in my last post the by back was bothering me, well it got extremely bad.  So bad that I went to a urgent care facility and they sent me over to the hospital to have a Cat Scan done on my lower abdomen.  We were all thinking that I had a cyst on my ovary or something was going wrong in that department due to it happening every month but this time was like no other.  I could barely move.  The scan ended up showing no abnormalities so the doc said it must just be a issue with my back.  For over a week I was in extreme pain, worse than anything I had felt before, finally now its slowly starting to get back to normal.  The pain is still there a little but its much better today.  Thats why I wasnt posting, I couldnt hardly sit up long enough to type out a post.   It all still leaves me wondering though if it isnt something more than just a back issue, especially since it happens monthly.  I am just praying that it doesnt happen like this again next month.  I have a appt at the gyno next Tuesday morning so we will see what they say.

Anyways things have been kinda rough here, mainly due to that.  My husband has a weird reaction to when people get sick or are in pain.  He has no sympathy and almost gets mad.  He barely talked to me over the last week.  Its been hard, but hopefully things will start improving now that I'm on the mend.  My oldest, Jess, was a big help but besides that I was pretty much on my own around here. 

I've had a lot more on my mind but I think thats all for today. I mainly just wanted to let everyone know what was going season has begun for the kiddos.  Lifes gonna be getting busy!

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JAmb said...

Glad you are back and doing better. I'm sorry that you didn't get much sympathy or help. I hope the doctor is able to figure out what is going on so you don't experiece all the pain next month.

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