Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What if

So I'm sitting here thinking of life and all the what if's that come with it.  I do that quite often, which is really a bad thing for me, it causes me a lot of stress because I think of all the bad what ifs.....right now my what if's are this:
What if we get this bad snow storm everyone says is coming?  What if we get snowed in?  What if we lose power?  What if our water line freezes up?  What if we have to live like pioneers for the next few days?

Honestly the snow storm doesn't bother me,,, getting snowed in doesn't bother me,,,living like pioneers wouldn't bother me accept I don't feel we are equipped to live like that right now.  We have a gas furnace but it won't run without electricity to circulate the air so we'd b very cold.   And we now have a electric stove so I couldn't cook anything.  I think we'd b okay if we had a gas stove and some sort of fireplace or other thing to heat us up,,,that might actually b kinda fun, but without those 2 things we might freeze and starve.LOL   No, I don't think we'd starve but our food options would b quite limited.  :)

School was canceled today.  I think they could have made it to school but maybe they were worried about the kiddos getting snowed in there or something.  So far there is no new precipitation going on outside,, we do have a blizzard warning though.  We will see!

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