Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stocking up and more snow :(

Its snowing again!!!  I am so sick and tired of cold and snow!  I'm really hoping for a early spring this year!

Were having a kind of lazy Saturday today.  We did go into town for a little bit to get some groceries that we didnt get last night.  Yesterday Martins in our town was having a truck load meat sale!  They also had some other really good sales on other items. We went and got quite of bit of stuff. We got some steaks!  We rarely buy steak due to the high price but they were supposed to have boneless rib eyes for 5.99 a pound,,normally I think they are close to ten.  We were gonna get some of those but they were all out but they seemed to have replaced the ribeyes with t-bones so we got a couple of them.  We also got two 3lb bags of boneless skinless chicken breast for 3.99 for the whole bag!  The also had bulk pork sausage for pretty cheap,, they had different kinds,, I got some Italian sausage, the only other kind left was spicy hot so I didnt get that.  I would have gotten breakfast type but they were out,,, guess we shoulda gotten there earlier in the day.   I will split it up into bags with my food saver cause it was a in bulk.  I'm so glad we got that thing, its really coming in handy.  We got quite of few other items but I wont list them here.  When things are super cheap thats the time to buy!  Today we went to Aldis to get  a few other items that we needed that I knew were cheaper there.   We ended up spending two hundred dollars on food between yesterday and today but its gonna last up a while. 

I wrote up a budget at the beginning of the month and plan to stick with it.  I felt that we were getting a little to relaxed with our spending and now its time to get back on track again!  I set our food allowance to be $500 for the month and between groceries and eating out we have already spent 300!  Thats not good!  So more than likely no more eating out for the rest of the month.  I think two hundred on groceries is doable to last us since I stocked up so well this weekend.  I'll try and keep you updated if I am able to keep to the budgeted amount.  As our family is growing our food seems to be disappearing faster and faster now adays. 

And now just for your viewing pleasure here's Emma,  She wore this princess dress all day the other day,, when I asked her if she wanted to take it off she said "no mommy, I'm a princess"   and that she is. :)

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momto9 said...

it always amazes me the great sales you guys have in the states!
tell little princess she looks beautiful!

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