Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm not absolutely sure when this happened, but I'm glad it did.  I was just sitting here with Emma watching Cailou, listening to Bennie snore beside us(he's taking a nap before going to work tonight),  and thinking to myself,, I'm happy.  I love this.  I love sitting at home with my family not doing anything.  Not having to go or be anywhere.  I'm content. 
There was a time in my life that I felt like we constantly needed somewhere to go or be, even if that ment just going to my moms house. I felt like we were boring or something if we just sat at home.  But now I really enjoy just hanging out here.. dont get me wrong I also like doing things outside the house but it doesnt bother me to be here, especially when Ben is home with us. 

I was able to get out by myself this morning and go to Walmart.  It was so nice to take my time and not worry about chasing after anyone.  I got a new drying rack.  This one says heavy duty so I hope it holds up for a little while.  I like being able to air dry stuff even in the winter time. With as much laundry that goes on around here I'm sure I save on electricity by using the dryer less.  I'm still going strong with using my homemade liquid laundry detergent.  I think its working great and saving us loads of cash. :)  I hope everyone reading this has had a great weekend.  Coming up this week I'm planning on writing a post of all the frugal things that I do, to give you some tips and you guys can give me some ideas on things that I could also be doing. 

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Anonymous said...

We never left the house this weekend either. Got a lot cleaned and sorted. MOM

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