Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good day turned bad

Happy Hump Day!  This week is dragging for me.  I wish it were Friday.  Isn't it funny how a day can start off so wonderful and turn into an icky day?  I notice a lot that my mood is greatly affected by the people around me and their moods. 
So this morning I got to sleep in a extra half hour!  I thought that was a great thing, apparently that is where I messed up my day( you'll see why).  Anyways I got up took a shower, woke the kids, feed them, wrote 3 checks to the school :(,, and sent them on their way.  Then the littles and I started with breakfast and playing, we watched part of The little Mermaid, ate lunch and it was so beautiful outside I decided to take advantage of it.  There is still snow on the ground and I knew they would play in it so I put snow pants on them and we headed out.  The sun was shining and it was warm!  We played out back for awhile, swung on the swings, then we ventured out front and I tidyed the garage and cleaned out my car.  The kids were having a blast playing in the car.  They were pretending one was the mommy driving the other one(the kid) to school.  It was so cute listening to them pretend.  I love watching them play and interact(when they are being good, lol).  Then we came in and I put them down for a nap.  I was in such a great mood.  The sunshine lifted my spirits and I felt like I got a lot accomplished.  I cleaned up the house and sat down to read a little while they were sleeping.  Then Ben got up.  This is where my day turned. I don't know what it is about 3rd shift but it makes him so grumpy.  He actually gets more sleep on 3rds than he did on day shift so I dont think its lack of sleep.  It really stains our marriage.   Anyways I could tell by the look on his face he was in a bad mood.  I tried talking to him, asked how his night was, asked if something was wrong. He just gave me one word answers and really wouldnt talk to me.  He was up for 2 hours before the kids woke up and would not speak to me.  Finally I told him obviously something is wrong,, how can I fix it if he doesnt tell me whats going on?  He said I should know,  I didnt.   Well it ends up he was mad because he came to bed today while I was still in there and I rolled over and pushed the covers around me so he couldnt get near me.  I vaguely remember this,, I remember hearing him come to bed and starting to roll towards him and he was freezing so I scooted over and covered upmore.  I was half asleep though! 

Yesterday he was grumpy too.  Its like he's trying to find reasons to be mad at me.  I am trying really hard to be positive and happy so it will rub off on him.  I am not gonna let these petty things make us miserable again.  Hopefully whatever it is that is really bothering him will get better.  He has been working a LOT.  I know hes probably getting worn down.  I just hate it when work life affects our home life, but I dont know how to fix that. 
Then poor little Gary, I got a call from the school nurse today, the swing knocked him in the head and hes got a gash and swelling and bruising all around the area.  She told me to watch him tonight and sent home a paper telling me what to watch for in case of a concussion.  She said I should wake him up tonight after hes been sleeping a couple of hours to make sure he wakes up and seems normal.   So now I'm worried about him.  He seems ok,, but hes acting really tired.  Hopefully I dont have to end up taking him to the emergency room in the middle of night, cause since Ben isn't here I'll be dragging the other kids with me. 

So there you have it,  my wonderful day turned blah.  Now he is gone, he went bowling and he will go straight to work from there.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will be a happier one.  It is supposed to be nice again.  I sure wish it would stick around and get spring/summer soon!

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Stephanie said...

I am sorry about your day! This week has been a struggle for me as well. Sickness, falling on ice, no sleep, etc... Like I told someone earlier, we have those days so we don't forget to appreciate the good ones! Hugs!

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