Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The new ride

Here is the view of my driveway from my front door. It's a 2006 Dodge Durango Limited Edition!! Now first let me say we are not fancy show off type people. We went to the car lot with a budget and price range in mind . We were very happy to find out that in the last few years our credit score has went up over a hundred points!!! And our interest rate went down by over half of what it was!!! Out of all this craziness, that was just the best news ever to me. We have worked very hard to repair our credit and now I can finally see it has paid off!!!

Anyways, back to the new car. It fits 8 people, leather seats, heated front seats, sun roof, DVD player, 18 inch wheels,,,,it pretty much has everything you could ask for. I LOVE IT!! OH yeah,,, and it has a HEMI!! :) LOL Jess told me she felt like a rich girl riding in that car! The kids love it too! This is a big step up for us and it feels kinda nice.

I am still a nearvous wreck though about the driving, but I would say its better to be extra careful, than careless. Have a super great day.


Steph B. said...

Awesome! I love it! Very nice!

Tereza said...

very nice! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

My parents have one so I know the inside is super nice! I'm so glad you're happy with it!


Steph said...

I love love looooove it! Is it black or a charcoal color? It is beautiful:)

Jill said...

Its black, but kinda like metallic too,, it has a little sparkle to it! We take it in tomorrow and they are gonna buff it and fill in some little scratch marks that were on it when we bought it,, I told them I didnt wanna pay for something that didnt look new, so that was part of the deal,, they are gonna detail the inside of it for us too! :)

Jaime said...

I finally have had the time to catch up on some of my blog reading. I was sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you are okay.
Your new ride is awesome!!!
And congrats on the weight loss too by the way! : )

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