Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making memories

I've got corn coming out of my ears...:) Not really but granny brought over more today, so we bagged it up again tonight. Everyone, with the exception of Emma, helped. Jessie bagged the corn and Gary labeled it. I was really not looking forward to doing it but once we all started it ended up being fun again. Gary even said it would be a hard decision of choosing between doing corn and going fishing. If you know Gary and how much he likes to fish that tells you how much he enjoyed it. Its funny, such a simple task can be such a big deal to the kids, its wonderful. I hope that one day when they are with their children cutting corn off the cob to freeze they will look back and remember these times we had. Gary said he would and that he will tell his kids that he got to write on the bags with permanent marker!:)
I am really trying to stay patient and calm with the two older ones, I all to often hear myself snapping at them for things that aren't really their faults. I think since Emma's been born I've been harder on them and defiantly expected more from them. Don't get me wrong I still think they should help, but I need to remember that they are only little once and they need to enjoy it. Although Jess cant get enough of helping. I think she just enjoys the one on one time with me. And even though sometimes it would just be easier if she would let me do it myself, I am trying to let her stay involved because I know that one day she's gonna probably think she's too cool to hang around with mom. I'm not sure what I'll do when that happens.
I just want my kids to have a great childhood and good memories with me. I hope I am doing right by them and they will look back later in life and remember me with love.

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Anonymous said...

Our corn isn't ready yet. :(

Our kids have helped us with snapping beans and other chores with canning. I was really surprised. Most of the time they run away. lol! I find it's a good time to talk. :)


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