Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu plan

So hear it is, my dinner menu for the week, It is my big goal to stick with it this week. No going out to eat!!!

Menu Plannig Monday:
Mon.- eat at moms
Tues- sirlion tip steak, baked pot., garden green beans, corn on cob
Wed.- BBQ chicken(on grill), fried zuccini, garlic potatos
Thurs.-Chicken parmesian, homeaid breadsticks,
Fri_ veggi soup, cornbread
Sat. lasagana, italian cheese bread


Stephanie said...

Wow, that is cool, I need to this bad, it is so easy to stop and get stuff on the go but so much more expensive in the long run! Everything sounds yummy! where do you get the fresh veggies?


Jill said...

We get the veggies from grandmas garden. She has one at her house but we plant stuff in it and help take care of it. I hope to have a garden at our house next year, it will have to be a small one due to our lack of space but even just a little one will be fun I think. It is so great to eat things that you know were grown due to your own hard work. Plus I think it would be educationaly for the kiddos.

Kiy said...

Great menu, welcome to MPM! I love to do my meal planning, it really saves $$ and even time. When we were first married (a hundred years ago, lol) I had a couple containers that I grew our garden in. I had tomatoes, pole beans, green peppers and even two zucchini plants! While I gave up doing it for a few years, it is also my plan next summer to start gardening again. Hope you have a great week, Kiy

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

Your menu sounds really good!!

Hope you have a great week!

Jaime said...

Your menu looks very good! We had fried zucchini yesterday. There's nothing like eating fresh vegetables from a garden you helped tend.

Brooke said...

eating out is a big temptation of my own. but looks like you've got the meals picked out to keep you from it!

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