Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wed. morning

Good morning. I enjoyed a nice evening with my sister and niece last night. Both of our husbands like to fish so the boys went fishing while us girls stayed here at my house and had dinner and let the little ones play. We both have babies, mine is 6 months and hers is 8 months, but she was a preemie so she is actually smaller than my Emma. They are so cute together though. We lay them on the floor and they try to grab and eat each other. It is so funny! I hope one day they will be great friends.
I made chicken Parmesan with home made bread sticks for dinner. It was very yummy! I had to change my menu around, we were supposed to have steak but there wouldn't have been enough for everyone. We rarely ever have steak but it was on sale the last week, so I bought it for a special treat. Anyways so we will have our steak on Friday now. Tonight is BBQ chicken on the grill. I am very excited, we all love that, It is a popular meal around here in the summer. I like it when Ben cooks outside on the grill, my kitchen heats up something fierce with the gas stove.
I'm going to be doing laundry today. It looks like I will be able to hang it outside without having to run and take it off because of the rain. I have been hanging it outside in attempts to save a little money on the electricity bill. But, I don't ever think its soft enough so when I take it down I throw it in the dryer for about 5-10 minutes, just to fluff it up a bit. Hey, its still better than drying it in there for the whole time right? I do a lot of laundry, at least 2 loads everyday, I just don't know where it all comes from. I like laundry though. Well I'm off to get started.

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