Saturday, January 26, 2013


Ok so Ive done 2 days of the Shred Its day 3 morning and Im so sore! The front top half of my legs are on fire. My rear end is sore. Chest and arms a little. But I know that all a good thing because that means my body is changing for the better!
The bad thing is the last two days I have stepped on the scale my weight has gone up a pound. Each day!!! Ive been staying in my calories so Im not sure whats going on. Im guessing its because my muscles are swollen? I hope thats it. I took measurments of my body this morning so I can track that on top of the scale. I dont want to get discouraged. I wanna be a hot mama!!
Tonight me and Ben are going out to dinner with a gift certificate I got for Christmas from one of my babysitting kids parents. Gotta love a free meal and a mini date night!!


momto9 said...

Same here:( up a couple of pounds! I didn't even record it on fitness pal cause its too discouraging. Really don't want to gain the weight back that I lost when I went gluten free years ago. Up 13 pounds now from summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might start a weightloss blog. That helped me a lot last time.

Jill said...

U should add me on myfitnesspal. My names everydaymom. And be sure to let me know if uou start up a blog!

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