Sunday, January 13, 2013

Emmas 5th

5 years ago today my beautiful little baby girl came into this world.  She awoke me this morning by coming into my bed around the same exact time that she arrived 5 years ago, before 6am.   I was a nice mommy and since Ben had left for work decided that I'd let her lay in our bed and falls back to sleep,, it was her birthday and all :)  
She requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, so I made some, they were super yummy!  I used this recipe and just added the chocolate chips after I ladled them onto the griddle.  I love my griddle by the way, Id be lost without it!

 Then the poor doll had to wait until daddy got home from work before she could open her present from us. And once she could have it she dug right into it
 MarioKart!!  She has a new love for Mario and she loves racing so we thought she would like this gift and she defiantly did! Shes playing it now as I type.  We also got her a couple things that were on after Christmas clearance. LOL  little bath sets and stuff.

 Then we had told each kid that this year they could pick a place they would like to go out to eat for their birthdays since we are limiting out out to eat trips.  She of course chose Mc Donalds!!  Here she is at play land.

Tomorrow is Garys birthday, he will be 12!!   We are having a combined party for family for them next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

So hard to believe she is 5. Enjoy every minute you have with her she'll be grown and gone before you know it. Happy Birthday Emma.

Love Nana

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