Monday, January 14, 2013


Playing video games, one of his favorite things to do
The middle child. I hope little man doesn't feel that cliche of being looked over and forgotten about. Being the only boy and stuck in the middle Im sure can be hard. He isn't really the mama's boy I dream of having but that's ok. Hes defiantly a daddy's boy. They go hunting and fishing and play video games together, all that boy stuff. Im pretty sure if it came down to him choosing
between me and his dad he would for sure choose his dad but I guess thats ok. I know I love him and Im pretty sure he loves me. Ill just keep working on him trying to root into his life lol.

Hes actually home sick from school today. Running a low grade fever :(. Not a fun way to spend your birthday.
For dinner tonight we are having meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, and corn, his favorite! And this weekend we are going to take him to a local seafood restaurant that serves sushi. He loves it and so do I. One of the things we have in common :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gary. Love his smile. What a hansome young man he is growing into. You must be doing something right Jill he's really a great kid.


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