Monday, August 2, 2010

Our weekend

We had a nice quiet weekend. We didn't do much, grocery shopped and stayed home Saturday night, then Sunday we visited my mom for a little bit and picked up a bunch of green peppers and potatoes from Grandma's garden. Her garden is such a blessing to us! Free home grown food! My little garden has done ok, but the peppers just arnt growning for some reason,, and my garden isnt anything compaired to Grandma's 2 big ones! I am so thankful for my grandparents. They have taught me so much. They recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary! That is something to be proud of. My grandmother was only 15 when they got married. They didnt start out with much in life but they have worked hard and made a great life for themselves. I'm sure they went through some hard times but they stuck together and made it through.

I think people just starting out today have the mentality that they can live like their parents do now. What we all need to remember is they probably didn't start off that way. They have lived and worked a long time to accumulate what they have. It has taken me a long time to realize this and to get rid of the want it need it now attitude. I have learned over the years that many times when I think I need something if I just wait a little while I come to realize that I can live without it......good things come to those who wait! I am also learning that God will provide us with what we need,,,, and sometimes with even those things we want. We just need to learn to be patient. I have to remind myself of this constantly,, but I am learning to be a peace with my life. I just have to think positive.

The hardest thing about that is getting my family to get on board with that way of thinking. It amazes me that I can be married to a man that has such a different opinion. I love him to death, but he is never happy with the things we have. He has even told me as much. He thinks lots of money and lots of things is the only way to be happy. Nothing is ever enough. He says he will never be happy......he needs a boat,, a new car,,, new golf clubs. All of these material things. I have tried to help him realize that we are blessed with what we have and maybe one day we will have those things, but every time I fail and he gets upset. It is hard to live with a unhappy person. The kids have a hard time to not being able to get everything they want, but they are kids and that is to be expected. I remind them all that we do have and hope I can instill in them that money doesn't buy happiness. If you can't be happy on the inside no material thing will make you that way,,, maybe for a little while, but not in the long run.

I can only stick to my guns, and try not to be wasteful with our money. I do feel the need to give in sometimes, otherwise my life with my husband is completely miserable. For example, we are going golfing tonight,,,,but I am using a coupon,, buy one round get one free. I can feel we are saving some money and he still gets to golf. One day hopefully it will all sink in for him and he will feel inner peace.

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Anonymous said...

Wow youve summed up life in your comments you have learned something in your 30 years some people never learn in a lifetime. I hope as the song says your next 30 years is the best yet to come. I wish for you strenth and happyness in your future you are truely a special woman and I'm proud that you are my daughter.


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