Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day of school 2010

Today was the first day of the new school year. Our summer flew by so fast. The kids were both so excited to be going back and seeing their friends! Here they are in front of the closet for our picture that I take every year. And here's them getting on the bus. I asked Jess if we could go out and sit and watch while they were getting on the bus and she was like,,,"uuhhhhh....I guess. Emma probably wants to watch." I asked what the problem was and she said nothing,,,so then I asked if she would be embarrassed...after hesitating a little bit she said no. I told her we wouldn't go out if it bothered her but she said it was okay. This means its starting.......she's gonna be getting the attitude that its embarrassing to be seen with her family :( NNNOOOOOO!!! I even made sure I was up and showered and all pretty so I wasn't going out in my jammies, lol. OH well,, I guess its part of life.

I just can not believe Jess is a 6th grader this year and Gary is in 4th. Where has the time gone? They were just babies not to long ago. When I'm with my neighbor she has kids the same ages apart that Jess and Gary are,, their still little though, 3 and 1 1/2. I often find myself thinking back to when I was in that stage of life with Jess and Gary. They were so good with each other back then. I've matured and changed so much as a parent now. Sometimes I wish I could go back to then,, but I think my kids have turned out to be pretty good kids! I'm so proud of them!!
After the kids left I set up the girls with a tea party and got to work cleaning up the house.

They had so much fun! We will get back into our normal routine now here with learning time for the littles, and other things. I got my new chore system book for my b-day that I wanted.. I'm so excited but I think its gonna take a little time to set up. The book is called Managers of the Chores and its great. It goes into detail why having chores is a good thing for children and so much more. It doesn't even get into talking about the chore system until the end of the book and its a pretty long one. I think I will have a little trouble at first with the kids but once we get going its gonna be great!!
I've got so many emotions running through me right now! The first day of school is always so hard for me:( I don't even want to think about Emma going...ugh.


momto9 said...

we still have 3 weeks!!!! I know what yoiu mean about the mixed emotions and all that...also about getting into a good routine and having time for things with the little ones! I guess this doesn't change no matter how many children one has:)
You are a good mom. we all doubt ourselves and wish we could go back sometimes:) I remember the early years to be a sweet innocent time. Now I have teens and it's different...not bad....just VERY different! ugh...

Anonymous said...

You have such good kids. They look so grown up and Emma your right will be going off with them before you know it. The only thing consistant in life is change enjoy each day because you'll never get it back only the memories.


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