Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Phil Vassar - Just Another Day In Paradise

We had a fabulous 4th of July holiday. I'm so thankful to live in this great country! Saturday morning Ben and I went golfing, it was so much fun! I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive,, were going to have to cut back our trips because we've got to get our Florida fund built up or were not gonna be able to go! :( After golf we came home and vegged out, then we went to watch fireworks at Winona Lake,, it was fun, Emma really enjoyed it.

Sunday we had a cookout at moms house with all the Bayles family. Ben and I challenged everyone to corn hole,, and did pretty well if I say so myself! Then afterwards we came home and watched some more fireworks from our back porch. Everyone around us was setting them off, it was nice to enjoy them without spending the money on them. :)

Monday morning Ben went fishing with my brother in law and Emma and I went out to moms and layed by them pool and swam. Then we came home, did some more vegging, then played corn hole once it cooled off a little. We defiantly get good use out of the corn hole game my step-dad made for us! I love long weekends!

So today is full of laundry, getting the house back in order,, all that good stuff. There is always some sort of household chore to be doing around here. My work is never done. But it is worth every minute. I'm so lucky to have 3 great kids. Jess is such a help, Gary is my little comedian, and Emma can always make me smile...no matter what,, even if I'm crying she will come up to me and hug me, tell me she loves me over and over and do anything to make me smile. I love that baby! My house is sometimes like a 3 ring circus,, very loud and crazy, but it is a household filled with LOVE! Have you ever heard the country song "just another day in paradise"? That sound describes my life to a T,,, I love it. Here's the video.


momto9 said...

Aw an update:) yay:) Missed you in blog land! I read your bLog cause its down to earth and real!
Glad you had a great long weekend enjoying the simple things in life!

Jill said...

momto9-- it seriously thrills me to pieces that you read and enjoy my blog! I LOVE your blog and you amaze me how you can keep it together and still get so much accomplished with your big crew! You inspire me. Thanks for the encouragment.

momto9 said...

keep it together:):):) Oh dear:) I'm not sure I learned yet how!!! HA! Life is sure a challenge!:)

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