Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grocery shopping

Well I'm down to two kids today, Emma and a childcare kid. Its been rather quiet,, you would think since their the little ones they would be the loud ones but apparently its the older ones that cause all the So I decided to brave it out and take them to the grocery store this morning. Emma did a good job, but the other one...grrrrr.....she was running around acting like it was a dance marathon or something,,, I think I told her to come stand by my cart about 100 times! We did make it through though and I'm proud to say I stocked my cart with lots of fruits and veggies! I made the comment the other day to Ben that when I buy snacky junky stuff its gone in like 2 days and the healthy stuff I buy gets put in the fridge and forgotten. So he said stop buying the junk and just by the healthy stuff,, so that's what I did. I bought a LOT of fruit, here's the run down:
-sweet cherries
All those were fresh, I also got some canned fruit. I bought some lettuce that I vow will not sit in my fridge and rot,,,that's what usually happens. I've got to get back on my healthy kick, I've been doing terrible lately!!

While changing Emma's stinky diaper today I told her that if she wanted to go to Disney World and see Mickey Mouse that she needed to start using the big potty and wearing big girl panties. I said Mickey Mouse doesn't like girls in diapers (I know, I know,,,, I shouldn't lie but I've got to get this girl outta diapers!!). Then she started talking about Disney and saying she was gonna give Mickey a high five and a big hug and not be scared of him. She went on and on and we talked about what all she would see there. She was getting very excited!

So guess who's not going to re do her kitchen this weekend.......I'm gonna bank the money,, I can't let my kids down, they have only been waiting 2 years for this Florida trip.


momto9 said...

I know what you mean about giving something up with in order to do something else of priority...and usually it's giving up something I wanted:)
Grocery shopping with little ones is always an adventure isn't it?:)And snack foods go quick here too!

Steph B. said...

I am right there with you as far as eating healthier, i was doing so good while i was nursing Jocelyn but in the last month since I stopped I have noticed a couple pounds creeping back :( Why does eating healthier have to be so expensive!!!??? Our summer months are so busy that we do a lot of quick food that isn't neccessarily good for you but I want to start being more cautious. We are not eating out which is a plus right?

Jill said...

Not eating out is a HUGE accomplishment! For health and for your wallet :) As far as the healthy food being more expensive, I agree with ya there but I went to Aldi's and there fruit was at very good prices! I got a whole grochery cart full of food and it was a little less than a hundred dollars!

Steph B. said...

yeah i need to start doing more shopping around.... Walmart is so convienent cause i can go and get everything there but if i split my grocery list, i am sure i can save quite a bit!

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