Monday, July 19, 2010

Chain o Lakes

Spur of the moment Sunday we decided to go to Chain o Lakes, its one of our state parks. It was looking cloudy b4 we left but I had faith that the sun would come out and it did! This was Emma's first actual beach trip. She loved it. We took along some sand toys and all the kids had a blast!

She wasn't scared one bit of the water. Next time I think we'll take her arm floaties because she keep wanting to go further and further out in the water. She is so brave. I think her favorite thing to do was stand way back and then count to 3 and run as fast as she could into the water and jump in. She did it tons of times, it was so cute I caught a video of it.

My husband isnt really into swimming so he took along his fishing pole and fished while we swam. So he got to do his thing and we got to do ours. Everyone was happy! After we swam for about 2 hours we did some hiking. We walked to the playground, but that one was covered with bees, so we hiked through the woods and went to the campground. This was during what would normally be Emmas naptime. She was a tad grouchy and didnt wanna walk and was scared a bear was gonna get her in the woods, haha! But when we finally arrived at the campground we went to the campstore and got everyone a icecream. Then found a bigger better playground there with no bees. So we played for a while then made the walk back, this time with Emma riding on Ben's shoulders, she was much happier that way. We started hearing thunder on our way, Gary got a little scared. I just told him it was our grand adventure. :) We made it to the car just in time and drove home in a pretty big thunderstorm.
It really was a lot of fun. Ben said we could go back again sometime!! I put off my housework all weekend long,,,, so now I have to try to catch up with all the extra kids here this week. Oh well it was totally worth it just to hang out and have fun with the family!


Steph B. said...

Looks like it was fun and refreashing! I have never been there before! Maybe we will have to go camping sometime!

momto9 said...

I thinf the risk of the thunderstorm was half the fun!!!! I love spending time with my family too. Glad to see you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that looks so fun! Julie said her and Kalie just took the girls out there on Tuesday. I wanna go to the beach! I wanna build a sandcastle and run into the water. (Cute video of Emma! Although it kinda looked like she drown) Johnathon and I are tryin to pick a weekend to go to the dunes and camp. So I might get to build a sandcastle after all. I miss you guys!

Jill said...

haha,, it does kinda look like Emma disappers into the water there,, but she was fine,, if you listen you can hear Jess saying that Emma said cheese after diving in. :) I want to go to the Dunes sooo bad! I wanted to go camping there also but since were trying to save for Flordia we probaly wont this year,, maybe we'll do a day trip up there though. I think the kids would LOve the sand hills!

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