Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family time

Wow, its been a week since I've blogged! Well, I've mainly just been enjoying some time with my family. Ben has been off all week so that's been nice. We've been taking advantage of some of the free happenings going on lately. Monday we took the kids to story time in the park,that was fun because the lady that was there reading is also part of some music school or something so there was lots of songs and interactive dancing and stuff. Emma loved it, I think Jess felt a little to old for it, but oh well. She lived ;) Then Tuesday Ben took the 2 older kids for a day of golfing, he knows a little par 3 golf course where the kids golf free and he can golf all day for only 15 dollars! Wednesday I sweet talked him into staying home with the babies while I took Jess, Gary and the 3 yr old child care kid to the free movie at the theatre. It was Space Chimps. I had never seen it before, it was cute.
Today Ben had to go to Ft. Wayne to get a book for school, so he let all of us go and then after we took the kids to Chucky Cheese! That was a blast for them. I signed up for there little club and got a pretty decent coupon and we all ate there for less than it would have been at Pizza Hut, plus we got game tokens!
Tonight we had corn on the cob. I remember when my 2 older kids were little and the first time we gave them o cob they were so excited and loved it. Not Emma.

She took one taste and handed it right back to me... that poor girl,, we are having a tough time getting her to eat her veggies. Isn't she so cute with food all over her face! How is everyone? Hopefully all of you are enjoying your families to!

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She's a cutie!!


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