Monday, July 20, 2009

A menu

Since its been awhile I thought I'd post our menu plan for this week... I have still been planning our menus, just not posting them..... Lately due to lack of funds,,, I have been looking at the sale fliers and then planing our menu around whats on sale. And if the main stores don't have anything good I go to Aldi's..... It really does seem to be my go to store,,, almost always they are cheaper, unless one of the other stores is having a really good sale on meat.

Sunday:cereal, L-leftover chicken enchiladas, D-homemade pizza

-hamburger zucchini over rice
-BBQ chicken legs, suddenly salad, veggies
-fish tacos
-spaghetti and garlic bread


This is what I have groceries for. It really stinks not having meat in the freezer. I cant wait til our beef is ready!!( I think I've been saying that for like a year now! ) Soon I hope.

Grandma told me that we should have garden green beans in less than a week, so hopefully those will be thrown into the menu somewhere this week!

1 comment:

Steph B. said...

Yum! Fresh green beans! I look forward to those every year! I could make a meal in just that! LOL!

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