Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homemade poptarts

So the kiddos had school canceled Monday due to snow(Spring is here but the snow and cold weather are also still here :(  Anyways we have been talking about taking a try at making homemade pop tarts and I decided today was the day.  I am loving Laura's recipes and cant wait to receive her book I ordered in the mail! I mixed up the dough and let the kiddos help with the rest.  We decided to fill them with strawberry spreadable fruit and nutella! (notice the flowers in the background? Bennie was sweet and got them for me the other day, just because) 
Here's a few on the pan waiting to go in the oven.

Emma pressing the edges with a fork to seal them.
Enjoying the fruits of her labor!  Still not a low calorie snack but the ingredient list is all healthy and homemade so I feel better about serving these as a snack instead of the boxed poptarts.

And just because,, here's a pic of my girls..  I love when Jess helps out and acts loving with her sister :)

1 comment:

momto9 said...

The Ingredients in the store ones are just nasty!
I know the feeling when older ones are being nice to the little kids. It's to be treasured...especially cause tomorrow it will prob be back to being all moody

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