Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Birthday

My little man has hit the double digits.  10 years old!  This little guy  really is a great guy!  Although he tests my patience almost every single day, he has a kind heart and a great smile!  I think it's hard for him sometimes, being the only boy and also the middle child.  I don't ever want him to feel pushed aside or left out.  He is a true lover of all the boy stuff,, hunting,, fishing, and video games.  His dad says that when they are out on the lake he is like a different kid,, he just enjoys it so much.

He gave us quite a scare coming into this world,, low heart rate,, needing oxygen, and then having a infection and needing IV antibiotics before we could leave the hospital,, but all has turned out well and I thank God everyday for him.   I tried to make this morning a little special for him and made him a good hot breakfast before he left for school!  Then tonight were taking the kids to Ft. Wayne and he gets to spend his b-day money at Toys R Us!  He is so excited.  He gets to pick the restaurant tonight and I'm gonna let him get a dessert which we never do.   Happy Birthday Gary!


momto9 said...

what an exiting day!!! Enjoy!

momto9 said...

Can youlet me know which liquid laundry soap recipe you use? I only see the powder one on here. I made the duggars one and got some loads int he wash as I type. Fingers crossed:)

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