Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Wednesday!  That means this week is half over!!   I live for the weekends...there is just so much less stress around here.  Although I will loose my husband to the woods starting Saturday, cause that is the first day of shot gun season.  He is so excited.  We don't see much of him during deer season.  I can deal with that,, I just hope he can get one this year...he hasn't had much luck the last few years and it sure would be nice to have some meat in the freezer.  Even though venison is not my favorite....Beggars can't be choosers. :)

Last night we had a basket ball bonfire to go to.  Jessica's basketball team has a get together for all the parents and team mates... Kinda like a meet and greet.  The kids had a blast,,,it was right beside a playground so they got to play...oh,, and it was dark cause it gets dark here at 6pm now... I think playing in the dark was even more fun for them.  Its always kinda awkward for us at those things.....I don't know if Ben and I look stuck-up or what,, but no one ever really talks to us.  All the parents already seem to know each other and Ben and I are just kinda standing there twiddling our thumbs....luckily we had Emma to chase after so we couldn't really sit around the fire and talk anyways.  I'm kinda a shy person and I guess so is Ben.   I want to get to know other parents but am to scared to initiate the conversations.  That's kinda the story of my life.

Before the bonfire I ran to Owen's cause I noticed they were having some great deals....yesterday was the last day for them.. I went in and only got the best deals,,spent $24  and saved $24!  I love when I have those kinda receipts.  Most items were canned goods and pasta,,,they were all on sale for 49 cents if you bought ten(mix and match).  Plus ground chuck was 1.77 a pound so I grabbed some of that.  Good deals!

Right now I've got taco soup in the crock pot for dinner smelling Yummy!    Ta Ta for now.

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