Friday, May 14, 2010


I had Gary's annual speech conference evaluation today. All went well, they said Gary is doing great and they are expecting him to be done with speech therapy before the end of 4th grade! Yay! I'm sure that will be a relief for him to not have to go down there anymore. The boy has been going since he was 3 years old! His teacher said he is such a joy to have in class. He is nice to everyone and has lots of friends and a great attitude. LOL.....they always say that about Jess too,, I wish they would bring that attitude home with them. :)

Ben is away in Ohio, he left yesterday morning and worked all day at the plant over there, then had to spend the night in a hotel room and is back there working today. He should be coming home tonight, if it were up to his boss he would be staying but the plant he is working at closes for the weekend. They had just better let him keep his vacation next week because his mom who he hasnt seen in 10 years is coming to stay with us on Sunday! We are all so excited. Jess was 1 the last time she saw her and she has never met Gary and Emma. They will finally be able to put a face to the awsome grandma that sends them money each Christmas. :) I've been trying to clean and organize the house a little, but unfornatnatly with 3 kids it just seems to get messed back up everyday. She did raise 3 boys so I'm sure she will understand the lack of perfection in my home. Let's hope anyways.

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