Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Birthday Party

Last night we went to our neighbor's little girl's birthday party. She turned 3 years old! She is such a sweet little girl and I'm so glad her and Emma are friends. The girls all had a blast. Here they are around the bubble machine. Riding the merry go round....I don't know how they do it,,,,,this was right after eating pizza too!
Emma on the playground equipment...CHEESE!
Hitting the pinata....Emma was scared to do it at first, but then she went up and gave it one good hit. Jess was the last to go and ended up breaking it open.
Hurry.....GET THAT CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so lucky to have such great neighbors and friends next to us. I hope the girls end up growing up being great friends!

We are enjoying our time with Ben's mom. We will be so sad to see her go. Hopefully 10 years wont go by again before we see them! And maybe,,,,just maybe,,,,Ben will get up the courage to fly out to California and see her now!!

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