Monday, January 11, 2010

ThisWeeks Eats. ...

Here is what we'll be having to eat this week:

*hamburgers, homemade fries, carrots
*beef and broccoli stir fry with rice
*veggie soup with homemade bread
*venison steak, garlic potatoes, green beans
*Ribyees, baked potatoes, corn

The only things I had to buy at the store for these meals were, tomato juice for the veggie soup, tortillas, and sour cream! Of course I also had to buy milk, fresh fruit, and things for lunches. My husband likes to go around telling everyone that I don't go grocery shopping. This is not true.... .I guess the problem is we run out the food I buy to fast. I guess I'm still shopping with the mentality of of family of 4, but really we are a family of 5 plus I feed extra kids that I babysit. Emma eats a ton! You wouldn't think a 2 year old could eat that much but she is constantly wanting food. I would call her a grazer, eating little bits all throughout the day. I cant deny her the food,, she is a growing girl. Also Jess and Gary's appetites seem to be growing quite a bit too. An example is I bought a big thing of bananas last Thursday and by Friday night they were gone. I guess I need to start buying 2 things of bananas, and try and figure out how to
s-t-r-e-a-c-h my grocery budget even more :(


Steph B. said...

I know what you seems i am not budgeting enough for groceries, etc... or i am classifying too many things as groceries (ex. dog food, shampoo, laundry det., diapers, et...) There for i borrow from the next paycheck budget and then it leaves that tight, etc... sigh....never ending challenge!

Jill said...

I also consider those extra items in the grocery budget. Its nice to know I'm not alone and the only one struggling.

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