Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hula Girl

Here is my little hula girl this morning,,, Please excuse her hair,, this is it before we fix it.
Her face looks a little strange to me in these pics. It must be the hair I don't know,,,,,, she looks like a WILD CHILD!
Anyways, she wore that stuff for like an hour,,,, just shaking her booty all around,, she was adorable~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer fun

Sorry about the lack of post, we are just far to busy enjoying our summer to sit and type.

After all they are only this young fun age once.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Monday, July 20, 2009

A menu

Since its been awhile I thought I'd post our menu plan for this week... I have still been planning our menus, just not posting them..... Lately due to lack of funds,,, I have been looking at the sale fliers and then planing our menu around whats on sale. And if the main stores don't have anything good I go to Aldi's..... It really does seem to be my go to store,,, almost always they are cheaper, unless one of the other stores is having a really good sale on meat.

Sunday:cereal, L-leftover chicken enchiladas, D-homemade pizza

-hamburger zucchini over rice
-BBQ chicken legs, suddenly salad, veggies
-fish tacos
-spaghetti and garlic bread


This is what I have groceries for. It really stinks not having meat in the freezer. I cant wait til our beef is ready!!( I think I've been saying that for like a year now! ) Soon I hope.

Grandma told me that we should have garden green beans in less than a week, so hopefully those will be thrown into the menu somewhere this week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Menards fun

Wanna hear something funny? A couple months ago our town got a Menard's in it, in case you don't know that is its like a big home improvement store... But they have everything. It has become our new family favorite store. We have fun just walking around looking and dreaming. The best part though is they have a pretty big section set up with all this play equipment for kids,, its almost like a park inside of the store... They have big play sets and little ones for toddlers,, they have a little roller coaster type thing, little houses for the little ones to play in... swings.. They have a sign saying that kids can play with parent supervision... So whenever we go there my kids play and love it,, but we are usually the only ones and people always look at us funny...
Oh well. My kids have a great time,, and its free entertainment,,, Little things easily entertain my family. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still here

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking. With it being summer and having all the kids home I've just been really busy and find it hard to find the time to sit down and type out a thoughtful post for you all. :)

Granny's garden is coming into full swing. So far she's sent zucchini, peas, and now the cucumbers are starting to come. We love cucumbers and they make a yummy healthful snack. I've been making zucchini bread, today I need to shred some and put it into the freezer.. I don't want anything to go to waste... I am so thankful for my grandma. I feel bad because we haven't been able to make it over and really help with the garden this year, but she still is kind enough to share her harvests with us.. THANK YOU GRANDMA! LOVE YA!

Were also in the process of buying our house. It is a learning experience as we don't have a realtor. The lady at the bank is being very helpful though. Money is tight around here as always....were making due though. I cant wait until the beef we are buying is ready, that will be a huge help for us when it comes to buying groceries.

Thanks to everyone that still drops by here to read my blogs... most don't comment so its hard to tell who reads this but I know of a few loyal readers. Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am very happy to announced that yesterday we applied for a loan at our bank for a first time home buyers loan and..................WE GOT APPROVED..........YAY. The best news is its a lower interest rate than whats on this house now because it was considered a rental for my mom so the rate was a little higher. I really am so happy! All the hard work and decisions on where the money goes has finally paid off. It makes everything so worth it.

We pay all the bills and the house payment now, but now that's its in our own name,, we will be getting credit for it, and I can call myself a home owner! We go on Friday to go over paperwork and stuff.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Manchester Park

We went over to Manchester Park today with my dad, step-mom, sister and all her family. We had a good time. We don't see that side of the family all that often so it was nice. Here little Emma fell head first into the dirt,,, and she just smiled with all that dirt in her face and mouth,,Yuck
Climbing the rock wall

My daddy

Emma's piggy tail debut

Here it is for you viewing pleasure!!!!! Emmas first piggy tails! She said CHEESE!

And here is her deep thought picture....
God I love this baby!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family time

Wow, its been a week since I've blogged! Well, I've mainly just been enjoying some time with my family. Ben has been off all week so that's been nice. We've been taking advantage of some of the free happenings going on lately. Monday we took the kids to story time in the park,that was fun because the lady that was there reading is also part of some music school or something so there was lots of songs and interactive dancing and stuff. Emma loved it, I think Jess felt a little to old for it, but oh well. She lived ;) Then Tuesday Ben took the 2 older kids for a day of golfing, he knows a little par 3 golf course where the kids golf free and he can golf all day for only 15 dollars! Wednesday I sweet talked him into staying home with the babies while I took Jess, Gary and the 3 yr old child care kid to the free movie at the theatre. It was Space Chimps. I had never seen it before, it was cute.
Today Ben had to go to Ft. Wayne to get a book for school, so he let all of us go and then after we took the kids to Chucky Cheese! That was a blast for them. I signed up for there little club and got a pretty decent coupon and we all ate there for less than it would have been at Pizza Hut, plus we got game tokens!
Tonight we had corn on the cob. I remember when my 2 older kids were little and the first time we gave them o cob they were so excited and loved it. Not Emma.

She took one taste and handed it right back to me... that poor girl,, we are having a tough time getting her to eat her veggies. Isn't she so cute with food all over her face! How is everyone? Hopefully all of you are enjoying your families to!
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