Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well it got us. Everyone around us was getting sick and I was hoping we would stay well,,,,,but,,,,,,,the bug made its way into our house. All 3 kids are sick with colds. Gary sounds like hes an old smoker from way back with his cough. Poor things.

I've been thinking a lot lately. I got some news that really hurt my feelings but I'm not going to get into it because , I don't want to hurt anyone elses feelings. I just don't understand why things happen the way they do sometimes. I feel like we have worked so hard to turn our lives around and show people that we can stand on our own two feet, but it seems like the better we do, the more we get pushed away.

Jess just got back yesterday from her camping trip that she took with the school. She had so much fun and made great memories. She took tons of pictures that we are going to take in today to get developed. She is so excited to see them.

I sooo need to deep clean my house. I get the daily tasks done but there just isn't enough time and energy sometimes to get down and dirty with the dirt. :)- I think I should have a cleaning party and invite everyone over to clean my house with me.. hahahehe......... People probably wouldn't think that was to much fun though. :)

Ben is working today and its Sat. ! Yay! His job is finally starting to pick up and hes getting some overtime. That's good so we can build up that truck fund! Hope everyone is well and happy! Thanks for all that take the time out of their day to read my little blog.


JAmb said...

Hey you made some changes to the format. Nice. Josh has finally caught the bug. Our kids have that nasty cough too. Bray keeps waking himself up due to coughing. Poor fella is so tired yet having trouble sleeping. I hope we get together this week.

Jill said...

Yeah,, I wanted to simplify the look a little.
I also hope to get together,,hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon, although it really hasnt slowed my kids down at all,, they seem to have just as much playing energy as ever. :)

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