Monday, August 10, 2009

Fire trucks (UPDATED)

We've had an exciting day so far! This morning I awoke to a strange hot smell. Ben is on 3rds for a couple days again and when he came home from work he smelled it to. We sniffed around everywhere checking plug in and such and could not decide where it was coming from. It seems the main smell is coming from the kitchen and living room,,there right beside each other. We ended up calling the fire department because it really was scaring us not knowing what it was. They came out with there fire truck and had some kind of heat detector that is supposed to detect hot or something. Gary thought it was cool to talk to the firemen. They still couldn't figure it out. They said it might be the lights on the chandelier in the kitchen but the lights were off so I don't believe that to be true.

Ben went to bed and I ended up going to a park with my neighbor that has a little splash pad with water that squirts up and around everywhere. It was fun all the kids had a blast! Its wonderful having a great neighbor to hang out with!

Once we returned home and walked in the door the smell is still here. :( Still no clue what it is. I think its coming from the refrigerator but not sure. We are suppose to close on the house this Friday afternoon. We will be official home owners! Lets just hope our house is still here!

After being home for a couple hours I opened up the freezer to find things mushy and melty! We were right,, it was the refrigerator. I'm guessing the smell was the motor burning up or something. So we had to go out and buy a new one. I like it. Its not the best fanciest model out there but its new and better than what we had,, and one that we could afford! I am very happy. Tomorrow is my birthday and Ben says that is my present. :) What an unexpected very eventful day!

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