Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well its Wednesday and I have a bunch or random thoughts passin through my head so here goes....

I was extremely disappointed to find out yesterday that due to the house we purchased was in my parents names before we bought it, we now don't qualify for the 10% tax incentive that we thought we were going to get....Goodbye 7600.00 that we thought we were gonna get and for once be ahead. :(

My poor Jess forgot the first volley ball try out and now isn't allowed to try out or play. I never got a note home and knew nothing about it,,,, apparently 5th graders are supposed to be as responsible as high schoolers. UUGGGHHHH...........She has been wanting to play v-ball forever to.

ON a good note, I've already worked out 2x this week and have been watching my eating habits.

I've read Dave Ramsey's book. I also had a plan to get our emergency fund started but my husband informed me that now since we arnt getting the money our number one priority needs to be saving money for a new vehicle for him,,, (he has a super old truck that isn't going to last much longer). I was a little disappointed but I am going to put just as much effort into saving for that so I will then be able to start up the emergency fund.

Life's throwing me lots of curve balls lately, but I'm trying to not get discouraged and just go with the flow.


JAmb said...

Be strong and be not dismayed. You are still on track if you turn your focus to a car/truck for Bennie. It is a necessity and the more you save for it the less of a loan you will need. Your doing a good job Jill. Hang in there.

Jill said...

Thanks April,, Just so you know though, we will not be getting a loan for this vehicle,, all cash, the last think I need right now is another payment!
I'm excited though because an awesome neighbor :) reminded me that we get 3 paychecks in OCt. so that will help it add up fast, and if he starts working Sat.'s all that extra will go into the fund too!
Its funny how it takes an outside source sometimes to help point out somethings that already should have dawned on you. :)

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