Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm alive

Just wanted to say I'm still alive.   Pretty much same old same old around here.  Can you believe it is less than a month until Christmas??  I've been doing quite a bit of online shopping this year because it seems so hard to get to the stores especially without the kiddos.  We've set a spending limit this year and are going to stick to it(we dont have much of a choice this year because the bonus that hubs was supposed to receive before Christmas isnt coming now :( ,  the kids will still be happy though.  It's not about the presents anyways right?  We put up our little tree over the weekend.  It's cute... nothing fancy and a lot of homemade ornaments on it but thats ok,, it makes it special.   I'm going to do my best tomorrow to get on here and tell you about my amazing present for myself that hubs let me order today!  Here's a hint...there will probably be a lot of baking going on around here!

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