Monday, September 20, 2010

An apple picking we will go

We made our annual trip the the apple orchard Sunday. Such fun! I love going to that place. Here is Emma with the caterpillar she found right when we got there. My 3 lovely babies. If you look back through the archives you can see how much these little ones have grown over the last 3 years! We've went each year

Emma and Daddy, he was truly such a great sport there!
Daddy is very strong! He can lift Emma way up in the trees,

Mommy, not so much, haha,,,, there was a a family beside us that had a long tree picker thing so you can reach way up and get the good apples. They offered it to us but we said, no thanks, it's more fun to lift up the kids ourselves. :)

Emma is becoming more and more daddy's girl!

We were one week to early to get a hay ride to the pumpkin patch but they still had the wagon set up with lots of hay in it. Emma loved it, we could barely get her outta there.

A rare pic of us together

My sillys

So much fun!!!!! And now I've got loads of apples to do lots and lots with!


Steph B. said...

awww.... looks like fun! Yeah, I think we are going Oct 9th when they do the fall festival...Can't wait!

momto9 said...

Sweet family times! Loved the pic of daddy lifting her in the tree and the one of the both of you:) We hope to go this year too...right now it's pouring out so if we get a sunny day we'll have to grab it:)

Jill said...

Steph, we discussed going back for the fall festival, but not sure yet. Well wait and see how many apples we have left and if everyone is feeling up to it then,, maybe well see ya there :)

JAmb said...

Looks a like alot of fun. Sweet times!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Memmories are the good stuff life is made of. My grandkids are getting so big I can hardly believe it.


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