Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a dreamer

The rain is coming :( We've been really enjoying being outside the last few days but I guess its gonna be pretty wet around her for a couple days. Emma just loves to be outside and swing,, play in the sand, blow bubbles! All that fun stuff, I enjoy it to, I don't feel stuck in my to small house. I've been feeling the squeeze a lot lately. I'm sure its because I've been looking online at local houses for sale. I found one that's out in the country, same school district that we are in now, and its like 2500 sq ft! It also has a finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths! I can only imagine how wonderful that would be. The price is reasonable, but still a tad bit more than I think we can afford right now. I just don't think it would be smart to move until all of our finances are where we want them to be, so that means another couple of years in our under 1100sq ft home. Its really not that bad I guess,, some people live in little shacks with dirt floors. (see this is what I remind myself when I start to get down,,,,it could be a whole lot worse!)
But it never hurts to dream! Keeps my eye on the prise, so to speak.

Life is just so darn expensive! Its so aggravating!!! But I have 3 great, healthy children, a wonderful husband who puts up with so much crap at work just so he can provide for us and pay the bills. I get to watch my children grow up and not have to worry about missing a thing because I am home taking care of them... Yeah,, I would say I'm a pretty darn lucky woman.

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JAmb said...

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE WEBSITES. lol You are doing a great job and so is Ben. It's such a blessing to have healthy and happy kiddos. One day we just might get our dream kitchens etc, but until then we can dream together. Thanks for being such an awesome can you please mow your lawn. hahhahaa I couldn't resist teasing you.

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