Friday, November 15, 2013

No spend challenge

My house smells yummy!  I've got a crock pot full of pinto beans cooking on low.  Were having tacos for dinner and we will use them in those, but there will be lots of leftovers.  Ill freeze some and we will eat some throughout the week.  Makes for yummy lunches!  I love having things going in my crock pot.  Just knowing dinner is mostly taken cared of makes me feel good.  And normally if anything is in the crock that means we will have leftovers.  I consider leftovers free food Yall!! 

So I decided yesterday our household is doing a no spend challenge for the remainder of the month.  The only thing we will buy is gas for the car and Thanksgiving is coming up so if I need to take something to my moms for that we will have to buy that.  Otherwise no money spending! 
I haven't been spending much money,, only on groceries, but we have some doctor bills that need paying otherwise they are gonna be sent off to collections so my grocery money is going for that!  So really this no spend challenge is more out of necessity than for fun, but everything seems better when you make a game of it right? 

I went through the outside freezer and the inside and went through all the cupboards as to see what I will have to work with.  I think we will be fine.  I made a list(love making list), so it will be easy to keep track of what we have and help me in deciding what to make. 

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