Monday, February 1, 2010

Childcare fun

So I am trying to find activities to keep the littles occupied and do fun things since we can't get outside. Last week we played around with my floor mat and made a house with it, the girls had a lot of fun with there imaginations in that. And this morning we dyed rice and played with it. That was a huge hit! These girl played for almost 2 hours in that rice and finally I told them we had to clean it up cause I needed to make lunch.

It really is a great activity, they loved the feel of it and scooping it up and pouring it into different containers, then we got out the little toy animals we have and they played with those in the rice. I think I will try different things like this,, maybe macaroni, dried beans,,,the possibilities are endless. Its a great sensory activity!


Steph B. said...

Look fun and creative! I can't wait till we can do coffee! I miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

You're very creative I hope your family knows just how lucky they are to have you. I don't know how you do it sometimes you are always coming up with great ideas for kids activities. They are truly blessed to have you.

Love mom

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