Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life update

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! All went well here. We went to mom's house like always... my dads got canceled so only one "pig out" feast. That's probably a good think though. Ben got his results from the health fair his work had and it showed he is not in good health at all. I made him a doctors appt. for Monday so he can get checked out there and hopefully get on the right path to getting healthier. Since he got his results I think it really scared him because he is really trying to eat healthier now. I'm going to do my best to have lots of fruits and veggies around for him to choose from. I'm sure I could use a little healthier eating to. I'm going to try my best to start getting back to working out. I'm paying for this Y membership that's barely getting used so I need to take advantage of it!!
Now that Thanksgiving is over that means Christmas is right around the corner. I love that holiday but I always get a little down about it to. I know its not about the presents but for kids thats sometimes hard to understand and they want so much. I wish I could give them everything they want but its just not possible. We did talk the 2 older kids into redoing their rooms for the big part of their presents. The both need new carpet and their walls pained. Jess is really excited about it!! Shes been wanting this for a long time. So since we are doing that and its not cheap they will just get a few extra other things. I've pretty much already got them from the black Friday sale.
Money is becoming a issue again,, oh wait isn't it always. :) I need to get back on the frugal track and cut out all excess, with the exception of chore rewards. I started a new chore system with the kids and once they get so many stars they are rewarded with certain things like eating out or going to a movie. I'm trying so hard to teach them responsibility. Especially Gary.
Starting tomorrow morning I will have an addition to my childcare. Its a b4 and after school boy. Its Gary's friend and hes really excited about it. Finally someone one of his same gender. :) It seems all my daycare kids are girls normally. Since its only before and after school its not much extra, but its worth it. Every little bit helps.
Well thats a little update with my life. Hopefully I'll have something new and exciting to share soon. Have a great day.


Dawn said...

Hi Sis! I'm sorry to hear Bennie's tests didn't come back well. I'm feeling not so healthy myself. I need to start cutting bad things out of my diet. I drink sooooo much pop! And I go out for lunch almost every day. I know I'm gaining weight, and I'm not feeling very well lately either and I think that has a lot to do with it.

Yay for another babysitting kid! I'm sure Gary is excited. Has he earned back all of his toys yet? haha.

I miss you! Other than Thanksgiving I haven't see you guys in awhile.

Jill said...

Nope,, not all his toys, you would think with having hardly any that he would be able to keep his room cleaned, but hes still having trouble with it. uugghhhh.....

Ben decided to cut out pop from his diet,, so I'm not buying it any more. Maybe you could pack your lunch,, it would be cheaper and you could pick what you wanna have. :)

I miss you too,,, I really wanna come over to your house and see all your Christmas decorations!

Anonymous said...


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