Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Update-6-17-10

Our garden is coming along very nicely! I love it, its so cute accept for the haggard fence around it, but without that I don't think we'd have these beautiful plants. Here's a picture of the whole thing, the peas have grown up over the fence, the broccoli and brussel sprout plants are wild and huge. I had to trim some of the leaves off last night because they were shading my tomato plants. You can see the carrots over on the far back right,, lots of green but we picked one out last night and the actual carrot was teeny tiny so I guess we'll have to wait a while before we can enjoy those. My pepper plants are still pretty small, hopefully they'll hit a growth spurt soon! Here you can see the tomato plant with its yellow blooms on it.
And my lovely broccoli!

And much to my surprise last night as I was sitting there admiring my garden I noticed all these pea plants on the vine!!!! I was so excited I screamed, lol, they should be ready to pick in a couple days!

Yes, you read that right,,, I do sit in a chair and stare at my garden, haha,,, guess that's the country coming out in me. I think I remember Grandma and Grandpa Baldridge sitting and looking at their garden also. Little things amuse me easily. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well our soccer games are coming to a close for this season so I snapped a couple pics Saturday morning, here's Jess and the little man Gary.
The kids really do enjoy this sport, so that makes it worth dealing with the rain and thunderstorms I guess. :) I think they are both going to try out for the school team this fall,, I'm crossing my fingers that they make it!
Things have been going pretty great around here lately. Our Ohio trip last weekend was nice and relaxing, the kids are out of school for the summer now. I've picked up 2 more kids to babysit 3x a week. Live is good.
I am learning to be happy right where I am at, and not always wish for things I don't have. I am the one of the luckiest girls in the world with 3 great kids and a great husband. I have a nice home, great neighbors, great family. Who could ask for more. Don't get me wrong,, I still have my dreams of a bigger home, but that will come later with all of our hard work, and for the time being I am not going to spend it wishing for something else.
We are all getting soooo excited about our Disney trip! I finally found a schedule for next school year and it looks like we will be in Florida for Christmas,, that will be different, but were still excited. And next year,, maybe,,, just maybe, we might be in California spending Christmas with Ben's mom!! We will have to see what life brings and if Ben can get the courage to fly, but I'm thinking it might all work out! Exciting things are in store for the Keyes family!!!

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